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Name: Brittney

Hometown: Ponoka, Alberta

Occupation: Student

Life goal: to be elected as a Member of Parliament and represent my constituents in the House of Commons.

Favourite type of workout: Squats, squats, squats!

Why do you love the game of hockey: I love that it’s fast-paced and full of action.

Something unique about you: I did a 12-month Psychology Internship where I worked as a Probation Officer.

Favourite place in Oil Country: I love spending time on my farm.

Dream vacation: To travel to Europe and see the historic castles.

Best concert I've ever been to: Luke Bryan

Favourite food: Anything I can put peanut butter on.

Dream date: A blanket for two under the stars out in the country.

Prized possession: My heated blanket as I am always cold.

Words to live by: The key to success is happiness, if you love what you’re doing then you will be successful.

Describe your personal style: I don’t think I fit a style category. Instead I always dress for the occasion.

Why did you want to be part of the Octane: I wanted to become part of Octane in order to push myself out of my comfort zone and rise to a new challenge.

Who inspires you: My parents – both are successful business owners who volunteer their time in the community through their involvement in various organizations. They have taught me the importance of giving back for all the blessings I have received in life.

What is your performance background: I was a figure skater for 19 years.

Favourite quote: “You can never be overdressed or overeducated” – Oscar Wilde

If you were on a hockey team, what position would you be: I would want to be the coach as I’d like to be in control of organizing every play my team would make.

Best part of being a member of the Octane: Spending time interacting with fans in Oil Country!