Sell Tickets on NHL Ticket Exchange
The NHL Ticket Exchange is the only safe, secure and authorized site for the resale of Oilers tickets. This service allows Oilers Season Seat & Power Pack Holders the opportunity to post their tickets for resale to the general public. The NHL Ticket Exchange is the only resale site that can guarantee the validity of the ticket to the buyer, ensuring it will be accepted at the door.

To post tickets for sale on the NHL Ticket Exchange, simply log in to your Account Manager with your Account ID and password:
  1. Click on “Manage My Tickets”
  2. Select the game from the calendar
  3. In the drop down menu select “Sell Tickets on NHL Ticket Exchange”, check the box next to the tickets you wish to sell and click “Done”
  4. Enter your preferred posting price and expiration date. Click "Continue"
  5. Verify the information and click “Post Tickets for Sale”