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Imagine being a child and instead of going to your regular classroom you hop on a bus and drive to Rexall Place every day for a week! That is what it is like for 25 classes in the Edmonton area each year. ICE School has a classroom on the fourth floor of Rexall Place. Students have the opportunity to see what others have seen but think and learn what others have never thought. Yes, a classroom but really only a meeting point. Children come to ICE School to have a hands-on approach to their learning. Diane Gurnham, teacher and program coordinator helps students weave their everyday learning into a brand new experience helping them make real life connections.

Have you ever wondered how many diodes there are on the LED ribbon panel that surrounds the bowl of the arena or wondered how many metres it is around the main concourse?  Finding out these answers is only a part of the many activities the students set out to do in their week.

Going behind the scenes in places rarely explored by the average Edmontonian is part of the week’s excitement. Students watch the Oilers and Oil Kings as they practice, meet those who work in the Rexall Warehouse and learn how supplies are stored and delivered to the concessions before an event, watch chefs in action and learn about the incredible number of kilometers of piping used under the ice surface. These are new discoveries  students will never forget.

Questioning, interviewing, discovering and exploring are all part of the ICE School experience. The best part of all is students leave with a new understanding of how we can learn. But more importantly they learn from those they meet that choosing a career means finding a passion and following your dreams.

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundations has supported this program since its inception in 2003.

ICE School is one of the Inquiring Minds sites in Edmonton. For more information about these programs click here.

CLICK HERE for the 2015-16 Inquiring Minds Application

The 2014-15 school year brings classes from Edmonton Public, Edmonton Catholic, Elk Island and Evergreen Catholic School Boards.

We welcome the following schools, teachers and students.

Londonderry Jr. High Karlie Carter
Patricia Heights Darren Krasowski
Kameyosek Gaelene Cranford
George Luck Merissa Feraco-Batiuk
Our Lady of Victories Louela Monsod
RJ Scott Kirsteen Woods
William Irwin Michael Pagacz
Fultonvale Jody Slemko, Olesia Hornofluk
Laurier Heights Nicole French
Thorncliffe Monica Edwards
St. Joseph Kristin Brown
St. Plus X Warren Letchford
Windsor Park Elissa Woolnough
St. Clement Linda Troccoli, Alexandra Hoffman, Robin Koziak
St. Benedict Craig Bialowas
Malcolm Tweedle Helen Whitson
Brander Gardens Jolaine Solbak
George P. Nicholson Iris Frankiw
Parkview Trish Fermaniuk
Norwood Rhonda Navrot
Mesissa Jodi O'Laney