Snickers Plays of the Year Finals

Each week during this past season, reviewed all the top goals and saves and put the vote to you the fans for the top play for the week.

Those plays are back as the top 32 plays face off in head-to-head competition until a winner is ultimately determined.

After going through four rounds, we are now in the Finals. Place your vote on what you think will be the Snickers Play of the Year!

Over the past two weeks, Mike Comrie and Robert Nilsson went back-and-forth many times. A late surge on Sunday night by Nilsson enabled him to overtake Comrie for the chance to face off for the year's best play.

Two saves by Jeff Deslauriers were in the other semifinal. His glove stop on Zetterberg was rated by the NHL as the #2 save all year. Can it top Nilsson and avoid the fate of being #2 again?

Robert Nilsson scores against Detroit

Oilers forward Robert Nilsson returns to the lineup in a big way with a beautiful goal against the Red Wings.


Deslauriers robs Henrik Zetterberg

Oilers netminder Jeff Deslauriers makes an outstanding glove save on Henrik Zetterberg.