Snickers Plays of the Year - Round 3, Game D
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Each week during this past season, reviewed all the top goals and saves and put the vote to you the fans for the top play for the week.

Those plays are back as the top 32 plays face off in head-to-head competition until a winner is ultimately determined.

We are now in the latter half round three and down to the final eight plays. Place a vote to determine who will be in the final four.

Jeff Deslauriers' save against Henrik Zetterberg is inching towards a rematch with his stop off Franzen from the same game - but first, it must top Hemsky and Souray's pair of goals in an Oilers franchise record seven seconds.

Two goals in seven seconds

Sheldon Souray and Ales Hemsky set an Oilers record with two goals in seven seconds


Deslauriers robs Henrik Zetterberg

Oilers netminder Jeff Deslauriers makes an outstanding glove save on Henrik Zetterberg.