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Copper Jackets
The Copper Jackets are the official corporate ambassadors of the Edmonton Oilers. Building upon a sense of pride and personal commitment for Edmonton, the Copper Jackets are a proactive group of business leaders in the community. They are dedicated to strengthening support for the Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club throughout Northern Alberta. Their members have diverse backgrounds but they all share a common passion for the Oilers, Edmonton and Northern Alberta.
Copper Jackets are business people, as well as Oilers fans, who understand the full value of having the NHL in Edmonton. Their goal is to see the Oilers thrive commercially and to compete at the highest level in the NHL. Achieving this goal will help bring a great amount of publicity and reward to all of Edmonton and its area businesses. Members are volunteers; each doing what he/she can to strengthen the Oilers commercial base of operations by leveraging their connections with their business peers.
In addition to their commercial goals, the Copper Jackets
are strong supporters of the Reading, Give It a Shot program.

Copper Jackets Members

  • Alykhan Gulaman
  • Andrew Guydash
  • Blaine MacMillan
  • Brad Severin
  • Brent Saik
  • Bruce Keltie
  • Bryan Ryder
  • David Van Camp
  • Don Hornsberger
  • Doug Morrow
  • Edgar Jackson
  • Francis Laderoute
  • Fred Foord
  • George Ruttan
  • Gordon Wusyk
  • Jack Wenaus
  • Jamie Keltie
  • Jeremy McCain
  • Julian Koziak
  • Kevin Rohoman
  • Kyle Ferbey
  • Lyle Best
  • Mike Soloy
  • Sharon Elhard
  • Susan Roberts