Charitable Organizations

Applications to participate in the 50/50 for the 2015-16 season are now closed. 

The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation proudly supports registered charitable organizations of Northern Alberta through 50/50 draws that take place during Edmonton Oilers home games.

Tickets are $5 each, 3 for $10 or 10 for $20 and can be purchased until the middle of the second intermission. One lucky fan will take home 50% of the pot!

If you’re a registered charity interested in participating in the 2015-16 50/50 program, please see the information below.

Click here if you are looking for information on Minor Hockey or Ringette Associations

Charitable organizations will receive a donation in exchange for providing volunteers to sell the 50/50 tickets. Groups will receive a base pay of $6,000 PLUS a commission of 20% over $100,000 total sales! The more your volunteer group sells, the more your charitable group will receive!

*Please note that these proceeds may only be used for programs currently approved by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission.

Bussing Reimbursement
Back by popular demand, groups will be reimbursed up to $1,500 to cover bussing costs to and from Rexall Place. Get all your volunteers to Rexall Place on time and don’t worry about the parking!


To be eligible to participate in the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation 50/50 program, charitable organizations MUST:

  • Be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and have a nine-digit BN Number that is followed by “RR0001”,
  • Be registered and in good standing with the Alberta Liquor & Gaming Commission and eligible to receive gaming proceeds in accordance with AGLC policies,
  • Focus programming on educational and/or health and wellness initiatives that support youth,
  • Supply between 57-60 volunteers for the allocated game night,
  • Commit volunteers to approximately five hours, arriving 2.5 hours prior to the start of the game and working into the third period of play

Due to the large number of applications each year, we are unable to provide status updates. All applicants will be contacted by August 7, 2015 to advise whether your application has been accepted or not.

Effective January 27, 2015, it will now be easier for Oilers fans to claim their 50/50 prize! The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation has amended raffle rules to allow 50/50 winners until 4pm, 2 business days after the game to claim their prize! The previous rules had allowed 10 minutes from the time the number was called for a winner to claim their 50/50 prize. The new raffle rules will allow a winner more time to claim their prize. Prizes not claimed on or before the Prize Claim Expiry Date (two business days from the Raffle date), will be added to one or more prize pools at the discretion of the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation, with AGLC approval. This means that any unclaimed 50/50 prizes will be added to the pot at a future Oilers game. In the event the 50/50 prize from the last game of the year is unclaimed, the 50/50 pot will be carried forward to an Oilers game in the following year.

Raffle License #412387

pre-season 2015
Date Visitor Number Jackpot Prize
WED, 16 SEP Golden Bears 129166C $63,365 $31,692.50 JUSTIN STEMO
MON, 21 SEP CALGARY 154317C $209,575 $154,167.50* KIMBERLY PAYNE  
Wed, 23 SEP WINNIPEG 129110C $92,675 $46,337.50 MARGARET HORVATH  
TUE, 29 SEP ARIzONA 136376C $88,000 $44,000 TONI FISHER  
THU, 1 Oct VANCOUVER 153548C $99,285 $49,642.50 MICHAEL PETERS  
October 2015
Date Visitor Number Jackpot Prize
Thu, 15 Oct St. Louis 123635C  $166,550 $83,275 LUCAS THOMPSON  
Wed, 21 Oct Detroit 126265C $133,435 $66,717.50 GREGORY KNIGHT  
Fri, 23 Oct Washington 192451C $133,265 $66,632.50 RICK LOUGH  
Sun, 25 Oct Los Angeles 135010C $121,145 $60,572.50 WENDY JENSEN
Thu, 29 Oct Montreal 151670B $161,595 $80,797.50 ANGELA OLIVER
Sat, 31 Oct Calgary 149362C  $150,205 $75,102.50 TIM PHILLIPS 
November 2015
Date Visitor Number Jackpot Prize
Tue, 3 Nov Philadelphia 160996C $125,795 $62,897.50 BLAINE MACINTYRE
Fri, 6 Nov Pittsburgh 195476B $143,910 $71,955 CLAIMED 
Wed, 18 Nov Chicago 200726C $124,990 $62,495 TREVOR MEYER
Fri, 20 Nov New Jersey 119385C $120,965 $60,482.50 KELLY DALKE 
December 2015
Date Visitor Number Jackpot Prize
Wed, 2 Dec Boston 191806C $121,445 $60,722.50 TED MACLEOD 
Fri, 4 Dec Dallas 158055C $125,445 $62,722.50 DANIEL FRASER
Sun, 6 Dec Buffalo 192483C $118,045 $59,022.50 RANDY CARRUTHERS 
Wed, 9 Dec San Jose 191026C $116,020 $58,010 ROBERT KELLY 
Fri, 11 Dec New York 158722C $174,030 $87,015 CLAIMED 
Mon, 21 Dec Winnipeg 141540C  $118,320 $59,160
Tue, 29 Dec Los Angeles 167280C $121,960 $60,980 CLAIMED 
Thu, 31 Dec Anaheim 162423C $123,965 $61,982.50 ROBERT RANKIN
January 2016
Date Visitor Number Jackpot Prize
Sat, 2 Jan Arizona 167175B $104,588 $52,294 RICHARD PATERSON
Mon, 4 Jan Carolina 168728C $103,390 $51,695 TROY HELLEKSON
Fri, 8 Jan Tampa Bay 194710C $126,375 $63,187.50. CHRISTOPHER SAWCHYN
Sun, 10 Jan Florida 172283C $111,255 $55,627.50 CLAIMED
Sat, 16 Jan Calgary 143821C $150,191 $75,095.50 RAYNA MAGWOOD
Sat, 23 Jan Nashville 166409B $117,390 $58,695 CLAIMED
February 2016
Date Visitor Number Jackpot Prize
Tue, 2 Feb Columbus 157005C $117,795 $58,897.50 MATTHEW VAN DER HEIDE
Thu, 11 Feb Toronto 120150C  $138,270 $69,135 BRENDON DE HAAN
Sat, 13 Feb Winnipeg 196235C $133,050 $66,525 DAVID LUU 
Tue, 16 Feb Anaheim 114674C $107,895 $53,947.50 GORDON SHIMBASHI 
Thu, 18 Feb Minnesota 111486C $115,015 $57,507.50 DARREN KENYON
Sat, 20 Feb Colorado 115085C $126,370 $63,185 MICHAEL DEACON 
Tue, 23 Feb Ottawa 134795C $103,080 $51,540 CODY BROWN
Sun, 28 Feb New York 117592B $113,510 $56,755 JAKOB POETTCKER 
March 2016
Date Visitor Number Jackpot Prize
Tue, 8 Mar San Jose 124006C $98,585 $49,292.50 PHILLIP ABRAM 
Sat, 12 Mar Arizona 185054B $127,230 $63,615 KENNETH ADAGALA
Mon, 14 Mar Nashville 155790C $95,575 $47,787.50 KEVIN CHALUPA 
Wed, 16 Mar St. Louis 123539B $110,225 $55,112.50 CLAIMED
Fri, 18 Mar Vancouver 150771C  $125,260 $62,630 MELANIE HAYES-RICHARDS
Sun, 20 Mar Colorado 176798C $116,730 $58,365 JOSUAH PROVOST 
Mon, 28 Mar Anaheim 137981C $105,185 $52,592.50 KENNETH KACHMAR
April 2016
Date Visitor Number Jackpot Prize
Sat, 2 Apr Calgary 186104C $160,665 $80,332.50 CLAIMED
Wed, 6 Apr Vancouver 251452C  $280,805 $140,402.50 FRANKLIN MITZIMBERG
*Carry-Forward Game from April 7, 2015 of $49,380.