Plays of the Year 2011/12 - Round 2, Game G

Tuesday, 05.1.2012 / 10:30 AM MT / Plays of the Week
By staff
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Plays of the Year 2011\/12 - Round 2, Game G
Plays of the Year - Round 2, Game G
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Each week during this past season, reviewed all the top goals and saves and put the vote to you the fans for the top play for the week. Those plays are back as the top 32 plays face off in head-to-head competition until a winner is ultimately determined. We will regularly put two plays up against one another and it's up to you to decide which one will advance on to the next round.

VOTING IS NOW CLOSED: Eberle (54%) def. Eberle/Smyth (46%)

Eberle Breakaway Goal; Smyth's 800th Point

Ryan Smyth feeds Jordan Eberle for a breakaway goal that doubles as the 800th point of Smyth's career.


Eberle Does it Again

Late in the third period, Jordan Eberle scores a big goal to put the Oilers back on even terms against the Leafs.