2007-2008 Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Annual Report Now Online

Thursday, 04.2.2009 / 9:05 AM MT / Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation
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2007-2008 Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Annual Report\r\nNow Online

2007-2008 Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation Annual Report
Now Online

From the day the Oilers arrived in Edmonton in 1979, the organization recognized the deep connections the city had to its team - and vice versa. For 30 years, our community and our fans have given everything to the OIlers. The Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation (EOCF) is a way for the team to return the support.

It's important for our fans to know that the EOCF doesn't benefit the team or its players. It doesn't help us sign free agents or pay for rink renovations. It does something much more important: it reinvests in our community.

The funds raised by the EOCF support a long list of charitable organizations, some of which you'll learn about in this report. Every year we give more than $1 million to various organizations across OIl Country - groups that work tirelessly to promote our pillars of support: youth, education, and health and wellness. Some of the projects - like Inner City High School - are large, some are much smaller. No matter the size, you might be surprised to learn about all the causes the EOCF supports.

And we wouldn't be able to do any of it without you, our fans. Click here to view our latest report to the community.

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