Nominees for top plays (Mar 7 to 16)

Monday, 03.17.2008 / 11:23 AM MT / Plays of the Week
By Marc Ciampa  -
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Nominees for top plays (Mar 7 to 16) regularly features the top plays from a recent collection of games and gives fans a chance to vote on their favourite goal, hit or save. At the end of the year, we will list all the top plays that received the most votes and come up with the 2007-08 Plays of the Year.

Cast your vote on the right-hand side! On Wednesday we will have the results of the Plays of the Week poll.
Here are the nominees (click on the video to watch each play):

March 7 - Edmonton at Columbus:

  • Hit:   Peckham, T. on Boll, J. (02:03 in 2nd) 700K
  • Goal:   (EDM) Cogliano, A. (01:53 in OT) 700K 
March 9 - Edmonton at Chicago

  • Goal:    (EDM) Penner, D. (PPG, 02:52 in 1st) 700K
  • Goal:  (EDM) Cogliano, A. (03:01 in OT) 700K
March 11 - St. Louis at Edmonton

  • Save:  (EDM) Garon, M. on McDonald, A. (02:44 in OT) 700K
  • Goal:   (EDM) Cogliano, A. (04:55 in OT) 700K
March 13 - Edmonton at Colorado

  • Goal:  (EDM) Gagner, S. (PPG, 07:21 in 2nd) 700K
March 15 - Edmonton at Phoenix

  • Goal:  (EDM) Pitkanen, J. (07:45 in 2nd) 700K
March 16 - Edmonton at San Jose

  • Goal:  (EDM) Hemsky, A. (PPG, 14:06 in 2nd) 700K
  • Goal:   (EDM) Roloson, D. on Thornton, J. (03:14 in OT) 700K 
  • Shootout Goal:  (EDM) Pisani, F. (00:00 in SO) 700K