Top 5 Dallas Eakins Quotes

Tuesday, 11.06.2013 / 3:27 PM
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Top 5 Dallas Eakins Quotes

Ryan Frankson |

The Oilers unveiled Dallas Eakins as the team's new head coach during a news conference on Monday at Rexall Place, and the 46-year-old former Toronto Marlies bench boss provided all of Oil Country with some insight on his coaching philosophy and his plan for the squad. Eakins, who played 16 seasons of professional hockey, stressed the importance of compete level and fitness. We highlight his top five quotes from Monday in this week's countdown.

5. Individual coaching

"I don't coach a team, I coach individuals … You've got to get to know them, inside and out. I need to learn out what triggers them, what motivates them and look under every stone to see what makes them tick."

4. Pushing the pace

"I want to be able to push the pace as high as we can with our speed, skill, physicality and fitness level. When we have the puck, we want to challenge the other team. When we don't have it, we want to push the pace again to get it back as quickly as possible."

3. Competition level

"The number one thing we're going to be committed to is competition. If you're going to play for the Edmonton Oilers, you're going to compete. That's how you win games in the NHL and that's how you make your organization better."

2. Winning is everything

"In professional sports, winning is the bottom line … This isn't about winning one game or one season. We're going to bring this organization back so that we're in the mix to win every single year."

1. More than talent

"Just being talented is not enough. I want our players to be so fit that if I ask a player to play 26 minutes a night, he can play 26 minutes at a high level. That's something I'm extremely passionate about it. It's going to be a challenge for some, but it's non-negotiable."

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