PREVIEW: Barons vs. Milwaukee #2

OKC looks for a weekend sweep of the Admirals tonight

Saturday, 17.11.2012 / 3:03 PM
Marc Ciampa  -


OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma City Barons took part in an optional skate on Saturday morning prior to their game tonight against the Milwaukee Admirals. The team is coming off a 2-1 overtime win in a game that was a defensive battle and very chippy.

"I think it's one of those games that's fun to play in. It was a tight game. They were chippy and we've got to respond tonight," said Barons winger Dane Byers. "I think we stood up. Plante had a good fight, (Teubert) stood up and a few other guys battled hard. Those are the kind of games you've got to love to play in and look forward to.

"The battle continues. When you play a team a lot and back-to-back you get to have a rivalry with them and it's fun to play."

Head Coach Todd Nelson talked more about how last night's game went and what to expect tonight.

"I think last night's game was a good hockey game. We're going to see a lot of the same tonight. Milwaukee's a good hockey team. They come at you with a lot of pressure. They play similar to our team so it's up to each team's defence to bring pucks out because it's always two-man pressure and the D are pinching in."

Nelson added that the two teams almost mirror one another in style.

"It's kind of like we're playing against ourselves with the system. We've got to be really efficient on the boards, manage the puck better."

The head coach also talked about the chippiness of the game on Friday and the way Milwaukee would take shots at the Barons players after the whistle.

"It's a game plan to maybe try to get us off our game a bit. Our guys handled it well. Any time you play a team on back-to-back nights you know the first game works one of two ways. It's either a feeling-out process where you get to know each other or both teams are aggressive and that's what we saw last night."

Colten Teubert said that the aggressiveness is just a part of the game.

"It was a Friday night game and everybody was excited to play. Emotions were flying and two good squads going against each other. It was a good hockey game," Teubert began, adding that he didn't really know what to expect tonight. "I'm not sure about all the fights and stuff like that but I think it's going to be a physical game. You can never count on what's going to happen."

The blueliner added that he does expect the Admirals to be ready to play, particularly on the heels of the injury to Taylor Beck who left the ice on a stretcher after an end-boards collision with Alex Plante.

"I know they're going to have a fire in their belly since we stole one from them and one of their players got hurt pretty bad so they'll probably be playing for that guy."

Antti Tyrvainen will be out of the lineup tonight after injuring his finger in a fight on Friday. It's expected Jordan Henry will be the odd-man out on the blue line. Curtis Hamilton and Teigan Zahn would draw in.

-- Marc Ciampa,

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