North American Skater
HEIGHT: 5' 10"
BIRTHDATE: 15 May 1990
BORN IN: Regina, SK, CAN

On his strengths/weaknesses:   Well, being a smaller guy in the league, it's important that I'm very fast.  I think that's actually one of my weaknesses.  I'm quick on to the jump, but at full speed I'm not as fast as some guys. My strengths are definitely goal scoring -- I love to put the puck in the net and my ability to read the game. My weakness is also my size and I don't play physical like some guys, but I don't think that's really my game.


On his size: With the rule changes that they have adopted in the NHL, it definitely helps guys like me and Patrick Kane,  who are not the biggest guys, but definitely skilled guys who can play at that level hopefully, some day.


On people telling him he's too small: Growing up, that's always been motivation for me.  Especially being drafted (in the WHL), I wasn't an early draft pick -- I didn't go until the 7th round.  That motivated me. Everyone said I was too small -- that's definitely been a motivation for me and I've used it to get to where I am today.


On getting his start in hockey: When I was two or three years-old, I used to just stride around on the linoleum floor and my parents signed me up to play at the age of three. From there I jump started into playing hockey and I've always just loved the game.  My dad's been a big influence on me throughout my life and he's coached me throughout my minor career and he's helped me to where I am today.


On playing for the Regina Pats:   I grew up playing in Regina until I was about 14 when I  moved to Calgary.  Growing up watching the Regina Pats, it's always been a big dream of mine to play there.  My cousin, Derek, was the captain of the Pats, so I would go to the games and watch him.  He actually coached me a couple of years, too, and that was always a pretty cool thing for him to coach me. Playing for the Pats, it's always a big thing.


On scoring 200-plus goals in Novice: I moved up a year early to Novice.  I wanted to move up early to Atom but my parents wouldn't let me so I had to stay in Novice.  It was my third year, I was pretty excited.  Back then you played to have fun and you still play to have fun, but back then it was a lot easier, you could just score at will. I was pretty lucky to play on a pretty good team and I think we won the city championship that year.


On his most memorable hockey moment:   When I was 10- years-old we played at this tournament called the Edmonton Brick Tournament -- it's a pretty high level tournament.  It was at the West Edmonton Mall and I played for the Vancouver team and we went to the final and played against Steven Stamkos team.  I scored the game-winning goal, got the game MVP and we ended up winning the tournament -- that was pretty cool. Just seeing all the guys that we played and where they are today, a few of them played in this yearâ€s Top Prospects game, too.


On playing with and against other draft-eligible players:   It definitely makes the experience a little easier.  Going into the draft, you see familiar faces and you've been through the same things as they have.  And it definitely makes it easier and a bit cooler, too, just knowing that you grew up with these kids and you know, one day it's like, wow, you're getting drafted in the NHL with these guys and it's just amazing.


On his thoughts about the Draft:   Everyone takes it as a big pressure thing, but you know, for me, I'm just going to try to take it lightly and not think too much about it.  I think if you think too much about it you'll put too much pressure on yourself and not perform as well.  I'll just go out there and try my best and just have fun basically.


On his favorite NHL player: My favorite hockey player is Martin St. Louis because he has a similar style of game to me.


On his favorite food to cook: So my favorite food to cook is well, I'm not a very good cook but probably Kraft dinner.


On his favorite goal celebration: My favorite goal celebration is usually the same thing, just the same old fist-pump, I've just used it throughout my career.