What's Held Omark Back

Tuesday, 27.08.2013 / 8:31 PM

Edmonton Oilers President of Hockey Operations, Kevin Lowe, talked to edmontonoilers.com and addressed several topics including newly signed forward, Linus Omark.

Lowe went on to explain why Omark may have a good chance to make the roster and what’s held him back from the NHL thus far.

“I mean, Linus is not a young guy anymore,” said Lowe. “He’s a pretty seasoned pro, he’s a pretty determined guy and he’s awfully skilled and I like that in him. He wants to play in the National Hockey League and I think, to this point, one of the only things that’s held him back is his ability to push himself in an overall two-way game. But, he’s more than capable of it.”

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