Draft Prospect - 2016
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Taylor Hall
North American Skater
Windsor, OHL
Final Rank:  2 Midterm Rank:  1
Position:  Left Wing Shoots:  Left
Height:  6' 1" Weight:  185
Born:  14 November 1991    
Birthplace:  Calgary, AB, CAN
On his style of play: I like to think I'm a fast offensive player. I like to think I work hard and create a lot of offense for my team. If I had to say who I play like in the NHL, maybe Zach Parise, that skating style, a very good offensive player.

On getting his start in hockey: I think just being a good old Canadian boy, especially in Calgary, it was very cold. My dad built a rink for me when I was four years old and just kind of took off for me then. He never put me in football or did anything like that. Right from that moment I loved hockey and kind of took off since then.

On having expectations since he was 14: Tell you the truth, it's been a lot of fun. I've been in the spotlight for a little bit now, and coming into this year, I didn't really know what to expect. But I had a lot of fun this year just with the pressure and all of the media and stuff. I think I've handled it well. This could be my last year in junior hockey. You only have one draft year, so just trying to have fun with it.

On representing Canada: That was a really good experience for myself. I've worn the Canada jersey a couple of times, but the World Juniors is a whole different thing. That was probably the best moment in my hockey career was making that team and just being able to put it on the Canada Jersey, especially the World Junior, something I've watched since I was a little kid. It was an awesome experience.

On getting cut from the World Juniors along with roommate Matt Duchene: It was kind of interesting, me and Matt were actually roommates, and we were staying up all night. We couldn't sleep, and he got the call and I kind of thought to myself, well, maybe I made the team. So I went back to sleep and sure enough I got the call and I was devastated, never been cut from a team before, and to be honest, I didn't really expect to make the team. I didn't have the greatest camp, but from then on, I really dedicated myself and made it a goal of mine to make the team next year and I did that.

On 18-year-olds playing in the NHL: Yeah, it's awesome for the game. I think just having these young guys step in right from junior, I think it just shows the development in major junior hockey is pretty good, so hopefully I can step right in there and make an impact.

On getting Bob Boughner’s autograph as a young fan: I went to a lot of Flames games and a lot of special events like the skills competition and stuff like that. Just being a young kid, I loved the game of hockey, and it was interesting and I have a picture with Bob Boughner and me getting his autograph. He just thinks I'm some little kid, but now I'm playing for him in Windsor and it's pretty interesting to see how you can affect young kids like this.

On his dad as a CFL football player: I don't know anything. He doesn't really talk about it a whole lot. I've seen pictures and especially when I was a young kid, I used to ask him about it a lot; but for him, he gives me advice before games and just how to prepare yourself, in sports.

On his dad as a bobsledder: Well, I was around for his bobsledding career. I was up at the track a lot. I met a lot of cool people. I just saw a commercial for Pierre Luedders (Canadian Olympiam) and I used to be with him all the time.

On training with his dad:
Yeah, I used to train with him. He knows a lot of stuff from bobsledding, like the explosive speed stuff, that's kind of how my speed has got to where it's at. In the summer he tells me what to do and I try to work hard at it.

On his favorite hockey moment:
I'd have to say winning the Memorial Cup last year was something awesome. It's a totally different thing than the World Juniors. With the Memorial Cup, you were with the team the whole year and you get to bond together and they become your family. That was just awesome, especially how he came back from two games down and do something that no other team had done before.

On the tough times in his career: There's times when you don't believe in yourself for sure. That was probably for me when I got cut from the World Juniors there, I came back to Windsor and I didn't do so well for about 15 games. But I just kind of said, you know, screw this. I stepped it up in the playoffs and fortunately my team did unreal and I was a pretty big part of it.

On playing on a line with Josh Bailey:
Yeah, in my first year of junior. He was such a great play maker, that was a great experience for me, especially as a 16 year old, stepping in there to go to his line was great.

On the NHL Entry Draft: Well, I get asked about it a lot, and I'd be lying if I said that I wasn't thinking about it, what it's like to be up there on that draft floor. But right now, I can't do anything about it. I think I probably have 40 more games to go this year, and I'm just trying to put it into perspective and just try and play well every game and leading up to the draft, everything will take care of itself.

On his personality off the ice: I'd like to say I'm a team guy. Just one of the guys, here in Windsor we have a ton of fun off the ice, on the ice, and I'm just one of the boys joking around but when it comes time for the game, I'm pretty serious, try to dial in and get focused for sure.

On his most embarrassing hockey moment:
About six years old, I went on the ice and my pants weren't done up all the way and they fell down and my underwear was showing.