BLOG: No more face guard for Gagner

Monday, 23.12.2013 / 2:02 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers
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Inside the Oilers
BLOG: No more face guard for Gagner

Tonight, Sam Gagner will not be wearing a face guard for the first time since returning from an injury sustained in the pre-season which saw him break his jaw.

"They told me about three months so I think I'm pretty much there. It's nice to get it off. I guess we'll see how it goes tonight. I think the biggest thing for me is I still get to dangerous areas. I've got to do that early, get it out of my head and just play."

It has been 11 weeks since Gagner returned so he is hovering right around that expected 12-week mark.

"It impedes your vision a little bit but I felt like I was getting used to it. It's nice to get it off now and just focus on playing."