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POSTED ON Saturday, 24.01.2015 / 10:18 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

While he wasn't an extremely active participant, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins remarked that he had a good time at his first-ever NHL All-Star Skills Competition.

“It was good. It was a lot of fun. I didn’t have too much going on out there so it was a lot of watching guys show off all their talents,” he said after the event.

When asked what his own personal highlight was, he talked about Shea Weber's 108 mile-per-hour slap shot which came after Weber missed the net at 101.

“It started off with the 101 that missed the net and kind of took people off guard there a little bit then came back with 108 so it was definitely a hard shot.”

Nugent-Hopkins added that his former World Junior Hockey Championship teammate Jonathan Drouin got the fastest time and he was happy for him.

“It was good seeing Drouin with the fastest skater time. He was flying there, too. It was fun to be a part of and fun to watch.”

Nugent-Hopkins did take part in the Skills Challenge Relay where he had to saucer the puck into four different nets. He nailed the first two nets before hitting the post on the third a few times.

“It was pretty tough. I think it was more of a mental game. On that third net for me, I started to miss a few then it got in my head a little bit. after that, though, it was a lot of fun. It’s something I’d like to try with nobody watching and no pressure.”

POSTED ON Saturday, 24.01.2015 / 8:41 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

RNH helps Kane win Accurate Shooter | Team Foligno is introduced | RNH on the Red Carpet
Ryan Nugent-Hopkins took part in the NHL Skills Challenge Relay. His group didn't fare too well, being behind the eight-ball quickly with some problems in the one-timer portion of the challenge. However, Team Foligno still managed two out of three points in the event. 

Event description: 

Procedure / Rules
Event consist of 4 relays with the following skills;
  •   One timers -- three shooters, 1 passer (Each shooter must score two goals)
  •   Passing -- one passer (Passer must complete a pass into each of the four nets)
  •   Puck Control Relay -- one skater (Skater with puck skates through a series of cones)
  •   Stick Handling -- one skater (Skater controls puck through a series of pucks)
  •   Goalie Goals -- one goalie (Goalie must score two goals)
For one of the relay's the one timer shooters must be lefties and for the other relay they must be righties
Each skill must be completed before moving on to the next skill. Referee whistles/signals start of next skill
This is a timed event, with the fastest time winning.

Event scoresheet

Skater Skill/Position Skater
D. Doughty One-timer (RH) S. Weber
R. Johansen One-timer (RH) J. Faulk
S. Stamkos One-timer (RH) T. Seguin
B. Burns One-timer (Pass) R. Getzlaf
A. Kopitar Mini net passer J. Tavares
K. Shattenkirk Puck control J. Gaudreau
P. Kane Stick handling M. Hoffman
C. Price Goalie goals J. Halak
Total time: 1:37.979   Total time: 2:06.262
Skater Skill/Position Skater
Z. Girgensons One-timer (LH) M. Giordano
D. Keith One-timer (LH) R. Suter
N. Foligno One-timer (LH) J. Voracek
J. Sekac One-timer (Pass) P. Bergeron
R. Nugent-Hopkins Mini net passer T. Johnson *
D. Doughty Puck control V. Tarasenko
O. Ekman-Larsson Stick handling F. Forsberg
M. Fleury Goalie Goals R. Luongo
Total time: 2:19.793
Total time: 1:38.789
Score after this event Team Foligno: 12
Team Toews: 2
POSTED ON Saturday, 24.01.2015 / 8:28 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

RNH helps Kane win Accurate Shooter | Team Foligno is introduced | RNH on the Red Carpet
Oilers centre Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was feeding pucks to Bobby Ryan, Nick Foligno, Radim Vrbata and Patrick Kane in the Most Accurate Shooter event at the NHL Skills Competition. Foligno, Vrbata and Kane each won their match-up, with Kane having the best overall time. This gave Team Foligno the win, 4-1 in the event. 

Event scoresheet

Qualifying Round 
Shooter Total Time Shooter Total Time
1. B. Ryan  30.914 1. R. Getzlaf  14.105
2. N. Foligno  13.674 2. P. Bergeron  17.038
3. R. Vrbata  22.141 3. J. Tavares  26.122
4. P. Kane  13.529 4. J. Toews  16.307
Passer   Passer  
1. R. Nugent-Hopkins  --- 1. R. Nash  ---
2. A. Kopitar  --- 2. P. Elias  ---
Winner: Patrick Kane
Score after this event Team Foligno: 10
Team Toews: 1
POSTED ON Saturday, 24.01.2015 / 2:07 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

WATCH | Video from Saturday's All-Star/World Cup Press Conference

The NHL announced on Saturday that there will be a World Cup in 2016.

One of the teams that will be in the tournament is an Under-24 team of North American players competing as a unit. If the event was held in the fall of 2016, Nugent-Hopkins would be eligible to play on this team.

“I think it gives a good opportunity to a lot of the guys. There’s a lot of great players out there. If you give as many players a chance to play in that tournament as possible, it’s a good thing,” Nugent-Hopkins said, adding that he would prefer to play for Canada but would be happy to simply attend the tournament in any form that may take.

“It’s definitely fun representing Canada, putting the sweater on your back. It’ll be a lot of fun playing in that tournament no matter who you’re playing for.”

As for how a 23-and-under team would do, he was optimistic.

“I think they’d be the underdog for sure but there’s a lot of great players who are under 23 in the league. I think they’d have a good shot.”

POSTED ON Saturday, 24.01.2015 / 12:18 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will be participating in three different events at the NHL Skills Competition tonight.

He will be passing the puck in the Accuracy Shooting competition and also will be participating for Team Foligno in the NHL Skills Challenge Relay, trying to pass the puck into the mini-nets (arguably the most difficult task in the relay).

Finally, he will take part in the shootout at the end of the Skills Competition.

Click here for a list of all participants in all events

POSTED ON Friday, 23.01.2015 / 9:30 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was chosen as the second last pick at the NHL All-Star Fantasy Draft, going to Team Foligno. He was selected there by a fan vote over Filip Forsberg. In an interesting twist, the last two players picked both got a free car, instead of only the last player as initially announced.

“I thought I had a good chance of going last. I said the one spot I didn’t want to go was second last because you wait the whole time and still don’t get a car but it worked out for me. It was a nice little surprise,” Nugent-Hopkins said after the event.

Nick Foligno, the captain of Team Foligno, was glad to have Nugent-Hopkins on his team.

“Great player. I was excited to get him. I’m glad the fans voted in my favour for it,” he said. “He’s an awesome player, really talented kid and young guy. Happy to see him get the car as well. I think he’s really going to enjoy his time here for sure.”

Foligno added he feels that Nugent-Hopkins has a lot more all-star games in his future.

As for the car, RNH said he hasn't yet decided who will get it.

“I’m still not sure. I’ll have to talk to them all, have a little group meeting and then find out,” he said. He also noted that he was glad to be wearing the black all-star jersey.

“I’m happy, personally, I like the black one a little bit more than the white one so it’s nice that I get to be repping that for the next few days. I think they went with something a little unique.”

POSTED ON Friday, 23.01.2015 / 3:30 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

1-on-1 with Nugent-Hopkins | Media Day Interviews | RAW: Nugent-Hopkins at Media Day

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins was asked at All-Star Media Day in Columbus Friday afternoon about some of his own personal favourite memories when it comes to the annual event.

“I remember Kane wearing the glasses and the cape, coming down and shooting (in the Skills Competition). Same with Ovechkin. Nothing too specific other than those two things,” he said.

“It’s definitely an honour to be here. It’s exciting for sure. Meeting some players I’ve watched for years is pretty cool for me. I’m just a young guy so seeing the experience some of these guys have is really cool for me.”

POSTED ON Friday, 23.01.2015 / 3:26 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

Oilers centre Ryan Nugent-Hopkins doesn't expect to go early in the Fantasy Draft tonight as All-Star festivities kick off. The 21-year-old pivot said that didn't matter, however.

“Just being here is for sure a big honour. The fantasy draft is just a fun part of the event. No matter where you get picked, I don’t think anybody’s going to be mad about it,” he said. “I think I’ll go pretty low tonight. I’ll be one of the last guys picked, I think. And if I am, I wouldn’t mind going last and getting the car. We’ll see. It’s all going to be a lot of fun and we’ll see how that goes.”

The last player chosen in the Fantasy Draft wins a car. Nugent-Hopkins said he hasn't really thought about who might get the vehicle if he wins it.

“It’ll probably go back home to one of my family members. We’ll see. They’ll have to fight for it.”

POSTED ON Friday, 23.01.2015 / 3:18 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

Having just got in last night, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins hasn't had a lot of time to mingle with his fellow all-stars but he's definitely looking forward to. When asked who he was looking most forward to meeting, he was quick to answer.

“Jonathan Toews," he said. "I’ve watched him for a long time now. The only other time I got to meet him is when I was in Bantam, we played in the Western Championships and it was in Winnipeg. He actually dropped the puck to start the final game.

“I’ve been playing against him for a few years. He’s definitely a guy that I’ve looked up to in the past.”

POSTED ON Tuesday, 20.01.2015 / 3:25 PM
By Marc Ciampa - / Inside the Oilers

Bob Green talked about being named as the team's Director of Player Personnel on Tuesday morning.

“It means a lot. It’s exciting. It’s a huge challenge. That’s what makes it so rewarding. I’m just excited to get going and move forward,” said Green.

As part of his duties, he'll be overseeing not only everything on the amateur side of things with scouting, but also pro scouting. Green talked about having a lot on his plate.

“It’s a lot. I’ll spend lot of time with the amateur draft. A lot more than I’ve had in the past. And with pro scouting as well. It’s a bigger umbrella for me. It covers a big area in the organization,” Green continued. “It’s great to have a strong voice and that’s what makes it so exciting.”

The former Oil Kings GM was also asked about working with Stu MacGregor, head amateur scout, and Morey Gare, head pro scout.

“It should be good. I’ll concentrate more on the amateur draft for sure. I’ve known Stu for a long time and we’ve worked well together. With Morey, things are going to keep moving on the same as they have in the past, concentrating a lot on preparing for the trade deadline, unrestricted free agency and those things. Continue to evaluate other teams’ players and prospects as well. Nothing’s really going to change a whole lot there.”

He did add that there will be -- and already are -- changes implemented in terms of how the team scouts amateur players in the hopes of getting more results in the later rounds.

“We’ve made some subtle changes in how we’re going about things with the amateur guys, keeping guys in their own territory. It’s something we started a little bit this year, having the guys concentrate more on their areas. We’re going to keep them in their areas for the rest of the year, hoping that’ll give us a lot more information on some of the later picks and kids that are slower to develop, late bloomers and that type of thing.”